Below is information for you about things that can be good to know and that will help you be safe in your purchases with us, such as our terms of purchase and right of withdrawal.

All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK).
Ingen moms tillkommer på varor och tjänster då HPN-föreningen är en allmännyttig ideell förening och därmed momsbefriad.
Prices do not include delivery charges. The prices stated at the customer's order time apply throughout the purchase process. For accommodation outside Sweden contact us at

The HPN Association reserves the right to make errors in information and errors in specifications on all products. Photos of products can also not be guaranteed to reproduce the exact appearance of the product. The HPN Association can not guarantee that the colors displayed on the website accurately reflect the colors that the product actually has. How the color is reproduced depends on the settings of your computer.
Payment security
The payment options offered on are secure. The HPN association offers a secure card payment with VISA and MasterCard in collaboration with Stripe, they are experts in payment solutions via the internet. Stripe service is secure and meets the requirements of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). When paying by card, the customer is sent to a secure page where the customer can fill in their card details and complete the payment. The HPN association never handles the customer's card details.

We send our packages via Postnord which are delivered in your mailbox or to an agent near you. Postnord leaves a notice in your mailbox if the order cannot be delivered due to size.

Ingen affär är avslutad förrän du fått och godkänt dina varor. Därför har du 30 dagar ångerfrist på allt från och med leveransdatum. Du ska vara helt nöjd, annars får du pengarna tillbaka! Givetvis gäller inte ångerrätten om varan varit använd. När vi fått tillbaka varan och konstaterat att den inte är skadad betalar vi inom 10 dagar tillbaka det belopp du betalat exklusive fraktavgifter.
Our return address is:

Maine Elenor Forsberg
Stranne 225
891 96 Arnäsvall

Right of exchange / complaint / return

If an item is faulty or incorrectly shipped, we are responsible for the shipping. If the package and / or contents are damaged when you receive it, report it immediately. If you have opened the package and discovered damage, you send it back to us.
Tvister och lagval
På dessa köpvillkor skall svensk rätt tillämpas. Vid eventuell tvist följer HPN-föreningen Allmänna reklamationsnämndens rekommendationer.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
It is important that you read text about how the HPN Association stores and uses your personal information. If you are not a member but want to know how we handle your personal information when making a purchase or order.